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I have a ferocious and must admit, sometimes hysterical allegiance to the field I have labored in for many years; Interior Design. This then begs the question: Did a love of space planning or architectural interiors create this devotion? Or how about a high regard for building codes or safety in the work place? Or possibly a leaping growth into the world of green design and an adherence to responsible building materials? Though these are all worthy influences and ones that could indeed launch a career, my devotion to the field of Interior Design comes from a love of the quirky client and the absolute necessity to take outrageously bad design problems and blend problem solving techniques while balancing the drama of the unstable.
The Client is the master of my driven state and my reason d’être. It is a sort of psychopathic learning curve that some would say makes me a glutton for punishment. I would disagree since it is mastering the client that creates the perfect foundation for both a career and I have shockingly discovered, for life itself. It is the influence of the individual client that has launched my career in the past and that trajectory now has me landing with a non-thud into the future. There is much written on the field of Interior Design and there are schools and classes and programs and tests to be taken and skills to be learned, and almost all are from the vantage point of the project while little is said about the client. It is my desire to write about the intimate details of the designer/client relationship which scopes from the hilarious to the rigid and then surprises with the sentimental.

The greatest privilege of my life has been raising four daughters. They are beautiful and brilliant and my heirlooms do indeed call me Mom. These unrepeatable girls are now all married with frenetic and fruitful lives, providing me with memories simple and profound bound with a purpose that is eternal in nature. My fulfillment in life has been met by these minds and hearts that wow me every day to the point where I sit gape jawed that I would be so lucky. Andy, my husband, stands at the mast pointing into the future and I stand beside him, humored by his gruffness and deep voice of reason. And so we go……………

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