Celebrating Independence!

Stopping and starting again – that is what Independence Day is all about really.  We stop and think for just a moment – on tip toe – trying to see above the mountain men and women of the past who forged for us a land, a life to build our dreams upon.

We build our homes much the same way – stable yet transient – freedom to move about and expand or shrink as time and circumstances indicate.  Do we make our homes bigger so our grown children will come and stay with us?  Do we down-size and select furnishings and amenities that minimize possessions and expand experience? Whatever is the right choice of you, for me, let’s think about it.  Let’s stop and reflect on where we are and where we are going.

Platforms of stability – the sense that we are building something lasting – that is the essence of our Fourth of July celebrations.  Ronald Reagan prophesied that our freedom “is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  So, let us build our hearth and home, our very lives upon the premise that what we call freedom is really a vial of precious serum formed in rivulets of sacrifice by those who have gone before us.



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