Rustic Elegance

Creating comfort is a combination of things, much like each face we see is a combination of the same thing:  Eyes, nose, mouth, bone structure, etc.  Even though the ingredients are similar the combinations are endless – eyes just a tiny bit wider, a mouth with full upper lip, nose with straight bridge, brows that form a high arch or frame deep set eyes, all form the person we see, we know, we love.

Houses are like that.  Chairs moved one way angled and another way straight – and one is perfection and one is horrid and does not work at all!  Elegance has to be comfortable else it fails and no one will sit down and chat.  And don’t we all want to chat?  Don’t we want to enjoy those we invite into our homes?  So, if you are looking for elegance, make it casual, inviting, scrunchable.  Keep sweet tea in the fridge and always have cut up veggies ready to put out with a dip you make up lickity split.  Be ready to relax!

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