Rainbows and Peacocks

By Gwen Walker – for Chuck

We had a peacock garden

In rainbow bright array –

But the sunflowers all have bent their heads

And our finch is sparrow gray.

I’ve walked the morning circle

And heard the grasses squeal

As Babe and Holly charge the day

With swooping pristine zeal.

Closeting communities stood

The lavish spring dressed trees.

Through leafy arms, detouring wind

Gusting farmer-breath to me.

But the wind has had her way now

And the green leaf’s had her day.

Like the finch her golden garb has turned

To muted brown and gray.

And round about and back I’ve come

Full circle to my door,

And found my peacock garden’s

Gone underground once more.

But as plastic windows close me in

And summer colors go,

The fire ember’s orange licks

Now warm me with their glow.

My kitchen prism holds no slant

To catch the brown or gray,

So, I’ll nestle me inside with you,

And live my rainbow day. 

(I love you Mom and Dad – I’ll see you in Narnia)

2 Responses to “Rainbows and Peacocks

  • James Walker
    8 months ago

    Beautiful! Thank you Maida

  • claremontgmailcom
    8 months ago

    Just delightful to read! Love your mother’s choice of words and whimsical imagery. My favorite kind of people and poems. Thanks for sharing. Vicki

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