The Wood Beneath Our Feet

“Why don’t we go back to wood racquets?  Then we would see the best tennis played.”  – John McEnroe by...

Counting and other Past-Times

Organizing our minds allows us access to our emotions.

Creating Family Fun during the Holidays

            By Maida Korte “Play is the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers When I was a little girl we...

The Simple Joy of Entertaining

The Holidays are fraught with a hectic pace - slow things down - here are three helpful tips for joyous family dinners.

Not Allowed

What is not allowed in child-hood forms much of our behavior as adults.

The Porch

I have always lived with a certain level of anxiety being an intense person by nature. I suppose that is why I fell in love with an old house. We came to smooth and soothe each other. I miss you old girl.